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Your Needs

Leadership Advice

With all the different issues that a leader has to face, it is imperative they can get the right advice about each and every scenario.

Ever Transitioning

Companies see more cultural and organization shifts today than ever before. Management and staff changes, to growth and expansion, a lack of synergy can hinder a company’s performance

Unchartered Territory

Many factors alter the road ahead for a company. As a business goes through its life cycle, its challenges and needs differ.

The Day – to - Day

Efficiency is always something that can be improved. But sometimes the exact precise experience to handle new (or old) projects during the regular course of business, just isn’t there.

What We Provide

Management Consultation

With our years of experience dealing with almost every scenario imaginable, we are able to provide advice for management on an interim or longer term basis. This could include staffing decisions or decisions to fill an executive role, to making decisions on the next strategic move for the company.

An Expert in Transition

Whether it’s a change in the workforce or senior management, to pre-merger synergies during a layover; JT & Associates is prepared with guidance, no matter what.

Strategies For Every Stage

In growth mode, companies worry about efficiency and returns, JT & Associates advises on everything but not limited to: - Management team building. - Operational plans - Strategic growth hacking plans - M&A Advisory

Project Management

Projects come in all shapes and sizes. With the years of experience we have accumulated, our goal is to assist companies in temporary project based advisory and execution.